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Nature-Inspired One Level Home in Czech Republic


Standing somewhere between sculptural piece of art, nature inspired retreat and functional modern home this hose in Czech Republic is an inspired example of modern family sanctuary.

Oblong architectural shapes ( including the unusual circular skylights), green roof and natural materials selection, close connection with the surrounding nature and dynamic modern decor compositions – this is the amazing “Heart House” project located in Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic.

Following the natural curves of the sloping terrain the design team of Daniela Polubědovová created a unique and dynamic one-level home that follows the curves of the heart and uses organic yet modern materials (a rusty vertical corrugated metal with a very smooth wave pattern, wooden beams pergola, transparent glass facade towards the garden and stone pats surrounding the smooth curve of the house. These textural compositions (which extend into the interior arrangement as well) straighten and compliment the house’s strong connection with its natural surroundings.

Creating a new type of modern family experience this home project with its green roof, wild greenery lawns, thick bamboo patches and rusty rebar poles of the surrounding fences sustain a color composition which harmoniously fits in with the ever-changing color palette of the surrounding landscape.

The designers continued this beautiful organic inspiration throughout the interior decor composition introducing modern and trendy design touches and plastic shapes on a base of raw materials. The color and materials selection enhances the natural theme of this inspired home – earthly shades, light green, sky blue, dark green entwine with old wood, natural stone, heavy wooden beams.

With strongly focused attention towards even the smallest details, the designers created small insertions such as custom-made door handles, staircase railing, pulleys on heating features in bathrooms, that were specially cast from aluminum, based on real twigs, leaves and wooden stumps which were found in the natural surroundings.

The main living premises feature open plan kitchen (with charming oval kitchen island) corner, dining table set with trendy composition and fashionable modular sofa in inviting soft gray – all arranged on a base of warm wooden cladding and custom-made fittings. Irregular shapes and unexpected corners and views bring additional modern dynamics to the elegant and welcoming ambiance e of the home.  Photography by Filip Šlapal