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Open Plan Apartment Separated Only with Glass Panels


Floor-to-ceiling clear glass partitions framed with delicate, black metal frames, exposed concrete textures juxtaposed to feminine color, trendy subway tiles from Portugal – all this paired up with contemporary design furniture and elegant color combinations creates a modern and stylish home that is worth exploring in details.

The project of the Ukrainian Iya Turabelidze studio, located in Kiev, present us with multiple hot and fashionable solutions arranged in stylish and welcoming decor compositions, that not only give an inside of the modern design scene and its trends but also create an inviting, sophisticated and deep composition like the designer says; “as a glass of red wine”. Composed for a woman the apartment has a certain feminine appearance combined with dynamic urban hints – the metal constructs and frames, the soft concrete surfaces, the rich tile compositions. Hot pink color accents in different shades give a vital and deep emphasis on the sophisticated base of neutral colors – beige, gray, white.

Preserving every inch of the space configuration and giving a free float between the different social premises the designers used the trendy glass and metal partitions that not only secure free penetration of light and spacious visual impact but also give a certain urban dynamic feel to any modern home. Hidden storage units and simple finishing extend the effort of spacious visual impact. Reflecting the owner’s personality – sophisticated wine aficionado, the apartment’s design offers an exploration of the Red Rose Wine Color Palette.

Iconic design furniture elements compliment the modern and dynamic design arrangement – the trendy beetle chairs by Gubi in the kitchen area are paired up with unique design custom-made table. The sophisticated elegance of the Scandinavian furniture style introduces a relaxing and inviting simplicity into the decor combinations – just check out the stylish presence of the dove-gray, rounded angles sofa by Bolia, which gives a soft and inviting focal point of the living room decor arrangement. Also, an Intriguing custom-made furniture detail is the rounded bench assembly in the hallway. Altogether a home with modern urban edge softened by elegant furniture details and feminine color accents. Photography by Mikhail Loskutov