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Bilbao Apartment Renovation by Garmendia Cordero Arquitectos


This beautiful design project carried out by the team of Garmendia Cordero Arquitectos comes to show us that even the refurbishment of a regular urban apartment can be playful, artistic and become an exemplary exhibition of trendy and contemporary interior decor.

Located in Barcelona, Spain (one of the cities we have mentioned to you before, which present us with a lot of artistic and unique interior decor projects) this apartment’s renovation project entwines the preexisted row concrete slabs of the architectural construct with amazing woodwork, unique shapes and curved angles and other exquisite tactile combinations. The beautiful tile composition and textural elements introduce inviting warmth and comfort and artistic pattern dynamics.

Undoubtedly the kitchen zone has the most expressive and dynamic composition of the apartment’s decor. The combination of smooth charcoal surfaces, unusual undulated wooden beams cladding (that extends on the rim of the room into the living room arrangement and leads the path throughout the other premises of the apartment) and entwinement of row concrete and gorgeous wooden parquet textures creates a well-balanced ambiance.

Here the warm of the wood and the industrial hint of the concrete combine in an expressive and artistic arrangement that is both dynamic and inviting. The soft and welcoming textural elements of the sitting zone together with the retro-inspired pieces of furniture and warm color compositions add a cozy and welcoming feel to the dynamic urban home design composition. This apartment is such a beautiful example of a contemporary urban interior decoration that has the base of dynamic and artistic inspiration carried out in an elegant and unique way.  Photos by Carlos Garmendia Fernández