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Modern and Flexible Home for a Four-member Family


Amazing three-floor terrace provides a dynamic and romantic take on modern urban living for a house without a garden. Beautiful, white brick fretwork construct creates the light and artistic frame for outdoor space on each floor opening, preserving the privacy of the inhabitants from the neighboring houses and streets and giving a romantic and poetic facade for the house. The architects from MFRMGR were challenged with the refreshment and recreation of this typical for its period building in Poland into a modern and flexible home for a four-member family.

The interior compositions are matching the fresh and pure design spirit of the beautiful terrace structures. Open layout, exposed row materials ceilings, vast windows, skylights, and abundance of natural light illuminate the organic and pure ambiance. Organic and honest materials palette gives the modern composition a warm and welcoming feel- brick and wood, metal and glass entwine in clear-lined and simple compositions.

Extensive wooden cladding (form doors, to walls and staircase structures) and custom made furniture elements; all sustained in fresh blond wood, match the gorgeous herringbone parquet that stretches throughout the house. Luminous, white surfaces and wall paints (an extension of the spirit from the minimalist white facade of the home) become an excellent backdrop for the stylish and almost minimal modern furniture arrangement.

The spacious and clean feel of the decor composition is underlined by carefully selected modern furniture elements, intriguing (and renowned) design lamps and decorations, and alternation of fresh plants and modern art pieces that introduce a vital and playful touch. The masonry fretwork with the bricks (composing the terraces) is a wonderful example of a trend that gives lightness, elegance and airy feel to a heavy and substantial material like the brick. This artistic and light modem approach is used by the designers throughout the house, creating sunny, pure and inviting contemporary home.  Photography by: Maciej Jeżyk / ONI Studio;