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Transparency and Intelligent Luxury are Embedded in the Design of Doorzien House


Breaking up with the cliché typologies of cottage this modern home in Sidney, Australia creates a dynamic and modern dialog with its surroundings and the needs of its owners. The designers from BIJL Architecture exploited the relation between open and privet, void and solid, contrasting colors and sleek materials, to create a home that has individually and at the same time exudes grounded elegance and clean-lined modern dynamics.

Using the trendy black metal beams that frame the inside premises ( an architectural approach that finds its way in modern architecture and design more and more often these days) the creators of this modern cottage ambiance achieved a good balance between modern dynamics and restrained monochrome decor composition. The prevailing white surfaces not only reflect marvelously the abundance of natural light (introduced throughout the house by vast window openings, cleverly placed skylights, and original architectural compositions) but also added restrained elegance and characteristic purity to the color composition.

The dominating whiteness accentuated by black metal frames and organic wooden surfaces is trendy, elegant and easy going design combination that plays a significant role in modern design scene. In the case of this Australian home – a fresh and unconventional look towards traditional cottage home – the organic three shade color combination that dominates the decor composition is spiced up by the occasional color accents in the trendy furniture arrangement.

The cheerful aquamarine chairs that give vitality to the small working corner under the staircase, the invitingly looking beige leather sofa in the main social area, the modern art prints adorning the walls of the cottage – all give a splash of vitality to the restrained but very elegant color purity. The subtle luxury – especially visible in smoothly designed premises like the bathroom with its trendy herringbone pattern on the walls and the brass details (the suspended lamps are quite a cute accent) – is another charming character feature of this cottage design arrangement.

The fusion between the two floors of the home is an interesting architectural approach – openings in the ceiling framed by exposed metal beams, extending furniture structure and so on give not only an efficient passive cooling system but also an intriguing architectural character.  Photography by Katherine Lu