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Victorian Cottage in South Yarra


Elegant and modern with artistic decoration elements and intriguing space arrangement this terraced, single story, Victorian Cottage in South Yarra, Australia presents us with innovative and capturing solution for challenging architectural constructs.

Shearing a boundary with both northern and southern neighbors and having a listed heritage front facade the cottage proved a challenging project for the Mittelman Amsellem Architects and their search for light and intriguing, modern emanation. Preserving some of the original features of the home (such as front bedrooms, facade, and chimney) and adding bold architectural solutions – like the large window openings towards the backyard and the multiple skylights bringing light into the heart of the home, the architects created this intriguing mixture of contemporary purity and historical richness.

The abundance of natural sunlight floating through the interior of the home allows the elegant and modern furniture elements to stand out in the luminous ambiance. This light brightness is composed by the entwinement of plastic shapes, modern materials choices and light colors dominating the color palette.

Iconic design pieces of furniture like the inviting nest-sofa, with its fluid silhouette, in the main living premises or the metal mesh lounge chair both signature pieces of Ligne Roset collection and carefully chooses contemporary paintings and decor elements with standout colors and shapes, introduces a playful, almost fashionable spirit to the cottage decor arrangement. The place may not be big, but in its cozy and luminous ambiance, the designers succeeded to entwine modern purity with stylish (almost luxurious) elegance.  Photography by Jack Lovel