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Uber EMEA Headquarters


International fusion for the new Uber headquarters composes the modern and dynamic working environment. Looking forward to going to the office? Well, there is no doubt that part of the so desired attitude “going to work with pleasure” is the working atmosphere and ambiance created by the employer.

Joyful, colorful and fresh design stylistics is always a good call if one wishes to raise creativity and productivity. In the case of this new headquarters project, the design stylistic has the undeniable artistry and unique style characteristics that make a striking modern design composition. A big design team including the lead on the project Assembly Design Studio and Cannon Design worked closely with the client – the famous company Uber to create their international office in Amsterdam. The design of the place reflects in an artistic and stylish way the fusion of different regions and cultures of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East and especially the pulse of the hosting Netherland region.

The spatial arrangement and design are dynamic and flexible – there is an opportunity to personalize, a chance to come together in a comfortable setting or a chance to use a quiet niche, all within the open environment. Arranged around the concept of neighborhoods the design configuration offers an active working environment with bold color accents, intriguing shapes and modern and youthful emanation of the design.

Interesting approach of the design team was to create a spatial network complex all woven around the central spine of the space – the spiral atrium of the metal staircase connecting all four floors of the headquarters. The green, concentric rings, inspired by Amsterdam’s canals, spiral upward and become a central gathering point at each floor landing. Another Dutch inspired approach was the usage of local products, clear lines and timeless, organic materials. This approach brings unity to the different premises despite the fact the diverse and bold color accents signifying the various global regions inspired the design composition; bright, rich blues of the Mediterranean; warm, sunny yellows of the Middle East; lush, vibrant greens of Western Europe.

With creative and inspired approach towards modern working environment and interior composition, the design team and Uber aimed for a space were every individual, from any region of the world, can feel represented, comfortable, and welcomed. This created a dynamic and unique ambiance where the local work environment is translated within a global context with notable urban and modern influence. Blond wood structures, sunny colors, and oblong shapes add to the welcoming, cozy and fresh feel of the design composition.  Photography by Jasper Sanidad