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Kitchen Hidden Behind Elegant Wall Panels at Barcelona Residential Project


Our favorite artistic-design city presents us with yet another beautiful residential project. Exquisite modern elegance and organic ambiance are the first capturing features of this contemporary apartment design created by YLAB Arquitectos in an old building in Barcelona, Spain. Applying significant structural changes the architects transformed the crowded six rooms space into an open and gracious modern home, utilizing fully the potential of the sunny inner courtyard covered with ivy vines and offering charming and secluded inside garden.

The romantic, semi-opened terrace and atrium-like space defines the smooth and sunny ambiance of the dwelling. Entwining in its trendy ambiance luminous white surfaces, underlined by the so fashionable, thin black frames, organic materials selection (dominated by beautiful blond wood) and signature design pieces from renowned brands and iconic design names, the architects created a stylish, modern home in warm cream tonalities. The primary materials selection includes white lacquer, oak and natural Capri sandstone for the flooring.

All planes and surfaces – the kitchen hidden behind elegant wall panels and storage functions, to the relaxing gallery space are chosen and composed to reflect the natural light and create a relaxing, warm ambiance. Dominated by the purity of contemporary Scandinavian design (not a coincidence – the new owners are a Norwegian couple with love for design and artistic Barcelonan spirit) the decor combinations offer dynamic and stylish frames – the cozy reading corner formed by the trendy, graphic pattern carpet furnished with Carl Hansen lounge chairs and table.

Another inviting and stylish inner zone is formed in the lush plant atrium space with the modern design of the iconic Butterfly chairs and Kettal table. The kitchen zone is of particular interest with its movable surfaces, hidden storage and appliances, and custom-made oak structures that are especially suitable for limited urban arrangements – offering flexibility and stylish, tidy practicality. Large concealed doors hide the open kitchen works paces, finished in white Neolith and natural wood and when closed allow the modernistic dining table set with its intriguing sculptural design to take the leading role in the decor on the backdrop of the warm cream surfaces.