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Brass, Terrazzo and Trendy Furniture Elements at Bucharest Apartment


Renovating an apartment in a charming 1930’s building in central Bucharest one of our favorite contemporary Romanian designer Bogdan Ciocodeica used the signature for his projects mixture of vital colors, trendy furniture elements and well measured modern simplicity entwined with playful hints.

The apartment composition offers a multilayered development of character. A simple white base framed by thin black accents is spiced up by vital color accents and plastic shapes. Multiple mirrored surfaces in unexpected places (like the rim of the door arch between kitchen and living zones) give a dynamic and somewhat “Alice in Wonderland” unfolding of the space arrangement. Continuity of the materials’ choices – like the beautiful herringbone parquet that stretches throughout the main social areas – enhances the feel of spaciousness and playful passage from one space to the other.

Intriguing and original design elements (like the gorgeous brass cladding of the kitchen cabinetry or the plastic shapes of Elephant chairs, sofas and decor details) are entwined with retro furniture pieces, chandeliers, and colors giving the apartment playful and charming character identity.

The kitchen design is a characteristic for the designer’s style – simple yet memorable lines, unexpected and almost whimsical choices (just check out the colorful dining chairs set under the iconic suspended lamp) and a dash of glamour entwine in one modern and creative ambiance.

The brass cladding of the kitchen cabinetry and appliances is a bold and intriguing trend that in the last years can be observed as a favorite material chose for stylish and untypical kitchen design. In the open floor layouts of the social areas’ design the trendy furniture elements (some of which also iconic for their brands – like the Magis Me Too Puppy Dog) with soft lines and rounded corners give a welcoming and inviting vibe to the composition.

The sunny yellow accent of the modern design coach also helps with the light, playful spirit of the whole home emanation. Stylish decor elements – from the lamps choices to the mirrors’ accents – plus the iconic Vitra bird sculpture – add to the modern and fashionable character of the design.