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Renovation of a Cottage in Melbourne by Whiting Architects


We just love the pure, clear-lined stylistics of modern design compositions inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and using trendy design furniture elements, contrasting colors, and rich organic materials palette. Here is one stylish and elegant project – a recent renovation of a cottage in Melbourne, carried out by Whiting Architects.

The architects signature design approach is very successful in making small spaces appear larger and utilizing clever design inventions for limited urban dwellings (very in tune with the latest trends). Allowing the natural light to play a significant role in this modern decor composition through the usage of vast window openings, skylights and picturesque windows facing the central courtyard, the designers underlined the light and pure interior decor combinations adding spacious and easy going vibe.

Contrasting colors and simple, trendy color palette of black, grey and white is arranged in dynamic sequence; dark flooring and kitchen joinery visually grounds the scheme juxtaposed to the smooth white surfaces and textures (some of which hide cleverly arranged storage and laundry premises). The black window frames – unconventional choice- add a dramatic effect together with the trendy lightning elements, this combination is cleverly balanced by the purity of the untainted wooden furniture details.

Particularly charming features is the black framed window box hosting a comfy sitting bench – a romantic reading spot and extra lounge area occupying this illusive threshold between inside and outside adding a framed picturesque angle. The window accents become a powerful focal accent of this modern decor. Even the trendy and clear lined bathroom design arrangement features a picturesque window frame towards the Asian style, gravel-clad courtyard. Quite a Zen garden touch.

Extending the small urban dwelling ( the ground floor is hosting the lounge, dining, kitchen and laundry areas within only 32 square meters), with a minimal footprint the architects added a rooftop terrace that offers privacy, a perfect place to entertain family and friends and unobstructed views of the city.  Photography by Shannon McGrath