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Renovated Two Apartments with Mirrored Design by Maite Prats Studio


Combining classic beauty trades and aristocratic feel, with modern simplicity the architects from studio Maite Prats composed the ambiance of those spacious two apartments with mirrored design, located in Girona district, Spain.

Using exquisite organic materials palette (from the gouges timber floors, through the stone wall constructs and brick accents, to the trendy black metal frames and brass details) the designers created a pure and luminous ambiance that invites and prorogues the senses. We adore the entwinement of gray and white surfaces, here the architects used the very trendy approach of duality developing in height – the bottom is gray, the top white, giving the vast premises illusory horizon, shifting the border between ceiling and walls and challenging the perception.

This restrained and pure color palette also carries the romantic hint of classic, aristocratic design, underlined by the rims on doors and corridor walls. This elegant purity is cleverly juxtaposed to the rough organic surfaces of the stone walls, the brick accents (also painted in dual gray-white to not disturb the continuity of the design) and the honey nuance of the herringbone parquet gives a grounding warm touch. Arched passages, exposed ceiling beams – some with delicate paint, give an artistic hint to the historic charm of the building and aristocratic bones of the apartments.

The apartments future an open floor plan exposition that connects the kitchen zone the modern simplicity of the dining zone and the very fashionable glass metal separation approach used to signify either the working corner or the soft sitting arrangement.

The bedroom premises present us with very clever and stylish custom made cabinet construct that hides the bed during the daily activities- this approach is a very trendy one and is especially suitable for limited urban dwellings. The rattan furniture elements used throughout both apartments give a hint of Belle Epoch charm. Indeed, the designers very successfully created a fusion of classic charm, aristocratic elegance, and exquisite and dynamic modern configurations – an example of contemporary design that gives us, in the end, an inviting and comfortable home. Photos: Marc Torra;