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Retreat-like House Concept by Blaze Makoid Architecture


Stylish modern home with impressive art elements and laconic shapes. Located on a heavily wooded hill site in Southampton this contemporary house project enjoys seamless connection to its surrounding, exquisite organic feel and remarkable interior decor composition.

And no wonder, one of the owners is an interior designer and architect himself so, he took an active role in the composition of the home together with the team from Blaze Makoid Architecture. Beautiful wood clad facade, clear lines and dominating horizontal exposition of the house make the project strongly integrated with its surrounding – a signature approach for the architects.

The interior staircase is the central sculptural element that waves all three levels of the house together and establishes light and dynamic connection between them.

On the first level (with its seamless connection to the courtyards, decks, the inviting infinity pool premise and the nearby forest) the architects located the main social areas. The impressive three-sided fireplace clad in black steel becomes the dynamic focal center of the kitchen, dining and sitting area composition symbolically separating the food preparation and consummation zones from the leisure time premises.

On one side: the laconic lines of the long kitchen and dining zone arrangement are dominated by the organic materials (unvarnished wood and metal details), the modern furnishing and the clear-lined decor arrangement with a visual emphasis on the suspended fragility of the trendy glass bulbs.

On the other side of the fireplace, the comfy and invitingly looking living room arrangement is decided in stylish triple tonality: gray, white and black with additional warm accent introduced by the leather bench. Throughout the home, the owners’ intriguing art collection is beautifully integrated with the stylish decor composition and adding a certain class outlook to the whole project. Photos: Attic Fire;