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A 1980s Suburban Bungalow Morphed with a Modernist Sensibility


Contemporary clear lines, laconic shapes and strong minimalist influence compose the facade of this modern home for a young family. The laconic lines of the house are adorned by the rich organic materials palette and the luminous color compositions: brick and wood, leather and linen textiles, glass and lush indoor plants – give a natural and pure feel to the design composition.

Exploring the depths of the local microclimate and its challenging sides – harsh sunlight, fierce winds, summer heat and oppressive humidity, damp, corrosive salt air, high rainfall and occasional tropical storms the designers from THOSE Architects created this contemporary Australian home with an eye towards generations sustainability and functionalism, in combination with stylish and creative emanation.

The house new addition has been designed using passive environmental design principals and the important, for the architects, fluid connection between the inner premises and the courtyards, and by extension, the surrounding landscape through panoramic windows. So creating light-filled, generous home that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, encourages sea breezes to flow through, and connects every room to the outside was the way of the architects to show that climate challenges can be turned into advantages.

Following this thoughtful, environmental and inspired approach the interior decor composition is a combination of contemporary art furniture and design elements with pure, organic materials, light plays and stylish but natural solutions. In the main living area, the design composition notably escapes the furniture elements with sharp angles and offers an additional warmth and comfort by creating a space with smoothly curved lines.

The minimalist contemporary inspiration of the architectural shell translates into pure and luminous interior decor compositions – just take a look at the bathroom arrangement- absolute whiteness adorned by small, trendy brass and copper details. Contemporary art pieces and paintings, trendy lamps and organic textures, minimal and elegant furnishing, and abundance of natural light give freshness and such a welcoming feel to this modern home.  Photographer: Luc Rémond; Styling: Alex Bennett;