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Trendy Terrazzo is Juxtaposed to Matted Pink Glass by Indoor Design


Elegant luxury and sleek, modern design are the choices of Indoor Design team for the composition of the ambiance of this multifunctional store restaurant in Beijing, China. Using a split-level approach toward the simple square box of the architectural construct the designers created dynamic and challenging space distribution where different sitting areas are established.

The development of the decor in height and the different level configuration are underlined by the alternation of the materials palette (trendy terrazzo is juxtaposed to fragile matted pink glass structures). The distribution of the three primary color shades – gray, light pink and black accents – also plays a role in the layering of the space. In the main dining area, the monochrome color layers are topped by the fresh green accent of tall plants, giving an additional vitality to the otherwise delicate color combination. The restrain in color and material choices is balanced by the strong presence of the beautiful terrazzo variations and the pink accent that underline the elegant beauty of the gray shades.

It is true that the terrazzo has a strong comeback in the word’s design scene – not only as a cladding and floor material but also as a luxurious decor detail core. Many renowned designers use terrazzo as a material to create even small decor elements. In the case of this modern restaurant ambiance the terrazzo is used not only as cladding material that signify the different levels of the space but also as decoration element – the pendant lamps throughout the space alternate the gray, black and pink hues of the main color palette in the sequence that is displayed by the levels of the premises. Their terrazzo-like texture gives continuity to the materials palette. The usage of only three primary colors (the very modern and elegant sequence of black, gray and pink) and the domination of one expressive material give this decor composition a very elegant and calm feel. Photography by Qianqian Zhou