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Apartment in Bucharest by Bogdan Ciocodeica Mix Vintage Furniture with Modern


Timeless modern classic furniture, bold colors and the laconic shapes of Scandinavian style inspiration entwine in the decor composition of this modern apartment in Bucharest, a new artistic project by the talented Romanian designer Bogdan Ciocodeica.

The apartment is designated as a rental space and without a specific personality to adapt to the challenge for the designers is even bigger. But in this case the final result is a memorable success – fluid, flexible space with timeless feel achieved thanks to the artistic mixture of reclaimed vintage pieces and contemporary design furniture elements.

The main living area features bold, colorful combinations, large furniture elements, and rich textures which makes the composition cozy but with a playful twist. Trendy dark colors cover the walls and give the color palette is base on which the whimsical yellow and red chairs stand out. Cooper and brass frames and details give the space its trendy, jazz sparkle (a combination that goes very well with the dark tonalities of the decor composition).

Interesting focal angle is formed with the kitchen-dining zone design futuristic and sleek appliances (just look at that refrigerator – shining black bug) elegant furnishing in smooth gray hues, softer forms, and textures by the dining zone – thin wooden chairs and oblong modern design shapes of mirror, table and lighting solution.

In a counterpoise to the colorful explosion in the social area the privet quarters – the bedroom – are decided in a more restrained color palette. Serine combinations between light and dark hues create an elegant and trendy composition that still has its bold and artistic emanation. The soft dove-gray of walls and floor gives a wonderful canvas for the robust straight lines of the bed’s black metal frame, and the blue and white textural elements introduce the necessary softness and calm for the main relaxation space.  Photos by Cosmin Dragomir