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Floating Penthouse Berlin by Atelier Zafari


Modern, urban penthouse clad in dark tones and panoramic glass structures. The architects from Atelier Zafari crated this exquisite, urban dwelling – the Floating Penthouse as they call it, on the roof of 1970’s building in the Bohemian Village of Berlin, Germany.

In accordance with its historic location, the merger of different epochs is felt in the vital and sensual atmosphere envelope in trendy dark colors. The mode of the interior composition is dictated by the dynamic materials palette used by architects to compose the roof addition; glass, undulated steel structures, and smooth surfaces. The different spaces – bedroom, kitchen, living room – are with long and narrow configuration and the dark charcoals and blacks that compose them give an additional cozy fell to the living premises. But vast glass openings and panoramic views (including secret pathways and under column passages) connect the space in an open and almost floating manner with the city skylights and the natural elements.

It is very intriguing and with dynamic urban fell the way the materials and colors palette entwine- dark metal, transparent glass, elegant modern furnishing and clear lines of custom-made structures give the space very youthful and artistic feel. The loft large terrace that surrounds the living quarters extends the living experience into the elements, creating a dynamic connection between the modern style of the design and the natural elements. This entwinement of urban and organic can be felt in the interior components as well – wooden focal accents, like the dining room table, furniture elements and decoration accents (including beautiful pot plants) give the smooth black base and the steel structures a vivid and sensual feel.  Photography by Werner Huthmacher;