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Bright Yellow Bistro Decor by Bogdan Ciocodeica


This stylish new restaurant project in Bucharest, Romania caries the signature element touches of the designer Bogdan Ciocodeica’s approach: beautiful and rich color combinations, Scandinavian style inspiration for lighting solutions and furniture, and elegant modern ambiance. Let’s take a closer look.

Like the name of the bistro suggests Koketerie has a specific charm, light feminine serenity and playful, modern vibe. The first thing that makes an impression – apart from the soft pastel colors which compose the design and their elegant emanation- is the strong emphases on organic materials palette – raw concrete and cement, wooden surfaces and urban design inspired metal frames – entwine in one laconic and welcoming ambiance.

In the main hall of the bistro, the designer visually divided the decor composition into two horizontal textural compositions – the lower half has warm textural and material accents – the mustard yellow soft sitting benches, the retro-inspired wooden chairs, the blond wood bar surfaces and tabletops, the warm veneer cladding of the walls. The upper half of the space, on the other hand, has more dynamic and industrial emanation – cement finishing on the walls and the neon line that circles the rest of the trendy lamps composition and intrudes a youthful urban feel to the otherwise very elegant and soft composition. But the combination of the both is giving a clean, relaxed and stylish whole.

In the inner premises of this modern bistro, the bar and kitchen space are also featuring the organic and pure materials composition that greets the visitors at the entrance hall. Only, here the lines are more minimalist and utilitarian. Concrete and wood bar surfaces, trendy black, metal frames suspended from ceiling and walls and laconic lines create a modern and functional atmosphere. The place is small but thanks to the light colors, pure materials palette and stylish design combinations possesses a delicate and calm ambiance.  photo: Kinga Tomos