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From Pale Ice Blue to Deep Indigo Decor at Lithuanian Apartment by Interdio


Romantic hints, Parisian chic and exquisite urban stylistic in this modern apartment in Vilnius. The home starts from the doors… and that was the case with this new project by the  Lithuanian designer Beata Senkevic and her studio – Interdio. Inspired by the shapes of the doors with their curved arches and glass and wood mesh the designers created a home of exquisite elegance where laconic lines interconnect with ocean shapes and hues.

The interior decor composition draws its inspiration from different styles and epochs: the rich bohemian beauty of mid-century Paris with its chic and playful accents, the serene ambiance of classic decor and the hot and trendy elements of modern times. The reappearance of velvet and rich textures on the word’s design scene are honorably represented here as subtle accents throughout the house – different hues of blue velvet can be met in chairs, cushions, upholsteries and soft siting options. Iconic furniture pieces like the large modular sofa (a very trendy furniture line in modern living room compositions) give a contemporary anchor to the space.

Using well-measured entwinement of different style accents the designer composed this intruding city residence. The royal blue color entwined with crisp white and velvet accents fill the house with coziness and subtle elegance, while the leather furniture inserts a stronger character into the decor composition. The rims of the wooden cladding on walls, doors, and windows, as well as on the custom-made cabinetry in the kitchen carry the signature of the classic style inspiration. Floor- to -ceiling curtains and rich upholsteries introduce coziness, warmth and feminine softness. But as it is a signature trade of the designer’s compositions; everything is well balanced and elegant. Crisp and fresh colors make the ambiance elegant as well as inviting. Luxury and modern minimalist aesthetics dominate the marble-clad bathroom. Photographs by Jevgenija Žuk;