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Tiny Apartment in Tel Aviv Makes Clever Use of Space


Playfully called “men in black“ by its creators, the project for this small urban apartment in a historical building in Tel Aviv, Israel, is stylishly entwining black and white dynamics in one functional dwelling with graphic character. The designers form XS Studio successfully explored the high ceilings of the space and incorporated this kind of controversial spaciousness into the design of the small apartment.

As we have stated before the tendency of the limited urban housing to become smaller and smaller presents a challenge in front of modern designers, a challenge that gives greater opportunities for creativity, ingenuity and unique signature touches. That is the case with this small apartment (only 44 sq.m.) designed to host its tenants and their dog in stylish, functional and unique ambiance configuration.

The high ceilings of the beautiful architectural construct of the building allow ingenious storage solutions applied by the architects. For example the bedroom being very limited as footage was required by the clients, to be cozy and with a lot of storage space. So the design team builds stylish and clear-lined black veneer cabinets that use the height of the space, envelop the bed in an elegant, cozy frame and offer functionality without a crowded feeling.

The same ingenuity in creating custom-made structures and using every inch of available space (even in height) was used to compose the main living premises. Black veneer cabinetry-wall functions as a liquor bar, media set, air conditioning and books, decoration items and collections shelving display. The solid black structure is juxtaposed to the luminous whitens of the interior color base.

Another dynamic juxtaposition within the solid structure comes from its open end a rotating segment – called (again whimsically by its creators) “the Pole Dancer”. Greeting the owners and their guest at the entrance of the apartment the rotating element offers glimpses of the kitchen and living room area and also a functional mirror, coat and other items storage unit.

The stylistic of the decor composition is simple and pure; limited color palate – to not overcrowd the small space – trendy furniture pieces and materials – inviting, soft gray, velvet sofa, and simple lines all over. The dynamic presence of the black metal ladder is both functional (to reach the kitchen cabinetry) and stylish – giving a graphic, urban feel to the otherwise elegant and cozy design arrangement. At the far end of the space a large, sliding glass window brings the urban landscape and light into the apartment. Photography by Amit Gosher;