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All-white Family Home by Studio Four


We just love the white minimalism wave in modern design. Following the brief of the clients to place the surrounding gardens as a significant protagonist of the house experience the Melbourne-based architecture collective Studio Four created a home of a pure white shell with contemporary emanation and elegant feel.

The clear lines and absolute luminous whites not only of the architectural composition but also of the modern furniture solutions give a free, fresh and unique character of this trendy home. The home composition alternates solids and voids, views and privet corners all rotating around the gardens, the inner courtyards and the search for privacy from the neighboring houses.

Beautiful architectural and design structures entwine vast, floor-to-ceiling windows, secret passages, unobstructed access to gardens and courtyard, intriguing atrium-like space for the swimming pool and many more unique design solutions. The purity and fresh fell of the monochrome color palate, the minimalist decoration and clear lines allow the house to be enjoyed and experienced as an inseparable entwinement with its surrounding natural elements – the shadow of the trees, the movement of the breeze, the shine of the sun.

We very much enjoy the architects inspired decision to introduce small courtyards, covered with gravel, that insert small green trees in a framed views into the interior composition. Very Zen like garden touch. The main living space has an open floor plan exposition of the kitchen zone ( with its large and simplistically cut kitchen island) the dining area – whit its beautiful organic accent of an untainted wood table and chairs set and the inviting living room corner.

Every design choice here is elegant, stylish and in tune with the whole – white minimalism vibe of the house. Picturesque frames of lightly arranged design compositions and architectural choices create a series of modern design jewels- a real pleasure to explore and most a surly to inhabit.