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Bright and Spacious Family Home by HAO Design


The creative designers from HAO Design have a knack of combining organic materials, light contemporary ambiance and fresh atmosphere with unusual features and character-defining solutions. Creating this home decided in exquisite pastels and expressive modern compositions – for a young family the designers used the characteristic pitched-roof architectural shell to create modern, dynamic and family friendly home design.

The apartment is located in Beijing, the owners have a dynamic, flexible and easy-going lifestyle, and they needed a space that reflects this, plus a special requirement – a home office space – so, that’s what they get. Well, a little more than that, they got stylish, welcoming and intriguing interior decor composition for their home.

Characteristic features (apart from the beautiful A-frame) give substance and memorable presence to the decor composition: open floor plan exposition (with a double height – mezzanine level, nonetheless) hosts dynamic arrangement of living, dining, kitchen, and reading-working areas; the chunky concrete steps that lead to the mezzanine level and introduce trendy modernistic hint, the light pastel colors combined with organic wood, brick and concrete give purity and freshness. Beautiful and easy going modern home for a dynamic family lifestyle.

The asymmetrically pitched roof creates intriguing corners, niches and geometrically expressive spaces to host different functions of the daily family life: cozy playing space for the child, secluded and stylish office corner for the parents, amazing atrium-like space in front of the windows to relax and get the sun. This intriguing architectural composition is supplemented by the stylish usage of raw and organic material – gorgeous exposed brick walls, wooden structures ( including custom-made cabinetry for kitchen and dining zones), and trendy concrete and metal touches – all composing pure and expressive modern ambiance.

The light pastel colors add to the luminous and pure atmosphere created by the design team and introduce elegant contemporary stylistics. The trendy color selection with is almost minimalist base allows dynamic additions and combinations to couture (both in color and shape accents) in this stylish decor composition. Photography is by Hey!Cheese.