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Lera Brumina Use Colors to Unite the Rooms of 99-sq. m. Apartment in Minsk


Intense colors and trendy bathroom and office solutions in this stylish Belarusian apartment. Expressive textures, contrasting colors and materials are used by the contemporary Kiev-based interior designer Lera Brumina while renovating this 99 square meter apartment in Minsk, Belarus.

Evoking a play of dark and light, cozy and functional, colorful and monochrome the design team composed trendy, stylish and dynamic modern ambiance. The owners are an active young couple, so the search of balance between comfort and dynamics was one of the go to points while planning the transformation of this apartment located in a contemporary building in a quiet green area, blessed with high ceilings and tall windows. Aiming to distribute the light in depth of the apartment the designer used the trendy glass-metal mesh partitions that open or close the office space and the master bedroom creating flexible borders between the premises.

The rich textural composition of the office space can be perceived as a part of the open plan composition of living, dining and kitchen zones thanks to its trendy glass cube separation. In those social areas, the rich wooden structures, the deep purple and blue textures and intriguing furniture shapes (some of which with a slight retro hint) are laid on a monochrome base of light gray and white flooring and walls.

Brumina used entwinement of custom-made structures, trendy furniture pieces, characteristic colors and series of unique prints to compose expressive and contrasting modern ambiance. It is intriguing how each space has its one characteristic and strong color composition, yet there is a continuity of colorful accents throughout the premises. In the kitchen zone, the oval red table is contrasting with the calm and pure feel of the wooden custom-made cladding and structures and is dynamically supplemented by the modernistic shapes of the black metal chairs.

The same inspired red rim can be found in one of the bathrooms. Actually the bathrooms of the apartment have particularly interesting and artistic solutions. The pure, bold color tiles with contrasting fugues are totally in sync with some of the word’s design scene trends for this year.

The children’s room color palette, on the other hand, is light and fresh underlining the light modern furniture compositions. But the deep blue found here is definitely a theme color that can be met in many other compositions throughout the apartment’s decor. The contrast between the child’s room freshens, and the bold, cozy feel of the full colored bathrooms is also a part of the well-balanced dynamics of this apartments modern design composition.  Photography by Darius Petrulaitis