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Moss Green Color Dominate Decor at this Lithuanian Apartment by Interdio


Fresh and clear-lined interior composition that entwines the trendy urban stylistics (exposed concrete structures, modern design pieces, and thin black metal accents) with unexpected and delicate natural touches (the moss green color focus of the dual color palette and the vital living plants that decorate playfully selected focal points). This is the elegant, new project of the young Lithuanian design studio Interdio.

The main living quarters feature an open-plan exposition of the living and kitchen areas plus the small dining corner whit its cute round table and modern design chairs. The duality of the stylish color palette is defined by the dominating green and gray shades. But other colors and texture form nice visual frames. The soft cray upholsteries are juxtaposed to the black metal elements – the trendy bar stools, the beautiful thin frame of the custom-made metal shelving and the impressive lighting solutions, in this count, the iconic lamp installation above the kitchen island a trendy signature piece by Vibia.

The kitchen zone, which is the intriguing focal point of the design composition, is presenting us with stylish and elegant entwinement of fresh green moss color for the smooth cabinet surfaces and the concrete like, gray elements cladding the kitchen island top and the cooking-corner wall. Row gray surfaces compose the utilitarian, urban stylistics of the bathroom space. The bedroom is also elegant and straightforward, decided in the same color scheme as the rest of the apartment – a combination of delicate grays and greens with trendy black frames and elements with subtle and stylish presence.