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Manami Restaurant Decor Inspired by Asia’s Dense Jungle


Manami restaurant in Vilnius is absolutely another level of experience: the rich decor composition offers an entertaining and inviting ambiance, fresh green accents and stylishly artistic wonders for the eye. This new project of one of our favorite Lithuanian designers; the In Arch team, offers so many diverse and expressive decor combinations that one can just relax in one of those stylish chairs and observe and explore the surroundings for hours.

The jungle-inspired theme is meet head-on by the designers, featuring bold and impressive art elements – from the pure white origami birds that are playfully situated on a trendy brass details and offer illumination for the rest of the rich decor to the colonial style woven chairs – royally entwined with the rest of the stylish seating arrangement and its decadent abundance of velvet, inviting curves and expressive colors.

The contrast between the black walls and the delicate white graffiti of exotic plants and birds is an intriguing and stylish decor detail. The rich textural and material variety: from osier to velvet, from rich wood to luxurious marble, from trendy metal meshes to delicate green life plants; create an ambiance that has context, style and tells a rich story with a nuance of exotic places. The long main space of the restaurant is visually divided by the curved bench assembly of the central isle. Soft curves in deep green and mustard yellow compose middle “island” surrounded by “tropical river” – the curves of the blue velvet chairs rise like river waves.

The exposed piping and wiring on the ceiling, the gray accents and the trendy metal frames and lattices give the space its dynamic urban hint that somehow stylishly supplements the jungle explosion and the orient mystery hint of the decor composition. The signature for the designers light and delicate brass additions give the necessary sparkle and accentuate some hidden details. Even the bathrooms here have their rich, almost decadent artistry – the Bohemian feel coming from the black base of the wallpaper and doors decorated with jungle theme patterns and the warmth of the brass sparkle. The beautiful stone and wood washtubs add to the organic and yet rich feel of the decor composition. Photos by Leonas Garbačauskas