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Living Well in Small Dwelling


Small urban apartment transforms into a comfortable, stylish and ingenious bachelor pad that can flexibly host a great variety of activities for a dynamic lifestyle of a young man.

As we have explored before in depth one of the biggest challenges (and opportunities) for the future of housing is the increasing demand for urban apartments and the limited space in populated megapolises. This presents a challenge for contemporary designers – to find a way to create a stylish, comfortable and unique home in very limited space configurations. So accepting the challenge for “less is more” Jack Chen from Tsai Design created this stylish, functional and pure ambiance in only 35 square meter unit.

Let’s take a tour in this jewel of pure shapes, colors and materials that offer an endless variety of clever architectural and design knacks that turn a limited space into fully functioning and comfy home and office (none the less). First (we can wait for it) just check out the amazing green wall in the bathroom (equipped with see-through glass walls – so that fresh green goodness can vitalize the rest of the premises and will greets you when entering the space, setting the mood for organic and vital experience).

So fresh, and cool – a vivid accent that introduces the natural calm and cozy feel with the addition of an unforgettable character for the home. The rest of the premise also offer beautiful and ingenious solutions for stylish (and thanks to the limited space – complicated) urban lifestyle. Gorgeous wooden cladding and custom-made structures conceal multifunctional cabinets, folding tables and chairs (a trend that finds its intriguing solution in many modern design projects) and, in the end, composes very trendy and beautiful kitchen design.

The wooden “cube” hosting the kitchen and dining zones extends into a warm wardrobe, bed headboard structure stretching all the way to the bedroom space. Multifunctional design structures – like the entry space with its integrated wine cabinet and space for shoes and hanging clothes, the sliding panel that opens into dining table and chairs and can be put away when not in use, the office decks that doubles as a TV and media-set and so on, offer suffusion space and variety of the functional elements of dynamic lifestyle in a very clever and, at the same time, simplistic shell.

The light colors palette – beautiful timber cladding combined with elegant black accents and softened by pastel grays, greens and blues ads to the pure and elegant feel of the composition without overwhelming the limited space. Exciting touch is the woven vinyl flooring presenting a contemporary reference to traditional tatami straw flooring and adding warm textural accent for the bedroom and living room premises.  Photography by Tess Kelly