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Trendy Surf Hotel Refurbished by Modulo Architects


Located near the beautiful beach of Houhai village on the South China sea this trendy surf hotel was refurbished and redesigned from a fishermen’s family home into an intriguing and youthful surfing-theme resort hotel. The designers from Modulo architects carried out the project of SIXX Hotel transforming the old fisherman’s building into an absolutely new concept.

The crowded family rooms on the first floor turned into spacious, open and emanating purity and ease lobby space. Free float fallows the sea breeze from one vast glass doorway, through the purity of the concrete and the lattice-like brick constructs to the other vast opening facing the waterfront. The shrimp pool of the fisherman’s family is turned into amazing infinity pool decorated in surf, joyful theme. The facade of the hotel also underwent a transformation – using 550 pieces of gray bricks and reinforced steel structures the architects transformed the curved balconies into expressive and sharp rectangular facade with modern fell.

Polished concrete floors and elevated platforms secure smooth and dynamic interior float. Light colors palette based on Mediterranean white, blue and gray entwinement with occasional hot pink cheeky accents – introduces a pure and easy-going vibe into the trendy decor composition. The materials palette is also based on dynamic, pure and modern materials – concrete base, metal furniture elements and structures, sparkling brass additions and the elegance of trendy tile compositions and ash wood structures entwine into one light and clear lined decor composition. Playful design elements like the colorful surfing boards and the pink mobile furniture add a fun and youthful decor touch to the overall light and casual design composition.  Photography by Haibo Wang