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Classic and Modern Style Blended in this Apartment Designed by InArch


The signature design combination of trendy brass accents, bold color details and modern shapes used by the creative Lithuanian design studio In Arch is present in their new project of this 105 square meters loft in Vilnius. The intriguing sloped roof geometry of the architectural shell is accentuated by beautiful exposed wooden beams giving a focal continuity to the premises.

Alternation of luminous whiteness and deep pastel colors creates an atmosphere of elegant and modern dynamics. We just love the way the simple white painting is accentuated by wooden elements (beam and custom-made cabinetry) and framed by deep gray and green-blue segments.

The main living premise interconnects in an open floor plan the kitchen, dining and living room zones. Separation thought custom made segments and book shelving in characteristic color and trendy black metal frames, is created by the designers.

Dynamic alternation of colors also distinguishes the different functional zones – dark charcoal gray for the kitchen nuke and part of the dining arrangement, deep blue-green for the living and dining zones and a light gray segment hosting the media set wall on one side and the bathroom premises within the cubical structure, creates dynamic and playful composition. The master bedroom is decided in prevailing whiteness with a theme – inspired colorful accents and retro silhouettes of the furniture pieces. Loved by the designers brass details accentuate the feel of artistic luxury throughout the home’s design.  Photos by Leonas Garbačauskas