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U Concept use Classic Color Schemes for TM Home Decor


TM Home project by the Ukrainian design studio U Concept is presenting us with inspired contrasting color combinations, modern and retro furniture compositions and intriguing custom-made solutions for an interior arrangement that is both modern and homey. Let’s take a look.

The design team used warm pastel colors to give a playful and contrasting base for the walls of the home and bold deep blue accents on textiles and furniture, thus creating unique and dynamic ambiance. Apart from the very characteristic color combinations unique structures like the copper-clad fireplace in the living room, the avocado-colored bookshelf structure, the very cute and modern kitchen islands or the contrasting tile fugues in the bathrooms add to the intriguing design identity of the home composition.

The main living premises combine a retro hits and comfortable modern furniture compositions that compose a very warm and welcoming ambiance. Shades of blue, gray and green give a playful and friendly touch to the living room and the library like reading nuke and create color continuity on the first level of the house. The kitchen zone also includes deep blue kitchen islands and cabinetry that give a unique feel and playful color accents.

The theme threat of the deep blue furniture accents continues on the second level of the home in the master bedroom – where warmer shades of pink and light green give tranquil and mild feel – perfect for relaxation and ease. The child’s room offers delicate and gentile color combinations of different shades of pink and gray entwined with luminous white accents. The overall house design feel combines the urban dynamics and the warmth and vitality of a vacation villa – very successful and inviting combination.