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Roaringwild’s Shenzhen Flagship Store by Domani


China’s brand Roaringwild is celebrating seven years of existence, the brand rooted in Shenzhen which opened the first entity stores. Space designed by Domani, consistent of the fierce strokes presented shake the soul of the visual impact and sensory illusion.

A huge red device through the whole space, become a rough and wild artistic existence, from a positive point of view, but also formed the brand name of the first letter R type.

A very futuristic geometric sense of the interior filled with red and black hitting the tone, red symbolizes passion and explosive while black is distributed calm and restrained gas field. The perceptual blood grows in the rational enclosure, and the two colors are balanced in a confrontation.

A black paint wall, when closed it can be used as a commodity display, or as a projection wall, open to expanding space and more content. The gray cement material cashier is located at the bottom of the red device. It seems quiet in the warm atmosphere of the red and black main colors.

As a country trend pioneer, ROARINGWILD has never been so simple as “making clothes”. As a carrier, it conveys the fearless dream-driven attitude, which is the brand’s real intention. Interior Design: Kingson Liang and Carving Tang by Domani; Construction Side: Shenzhen Shangzhi Decoration Co., Ltd.; Photographer: Shaon Liu