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New Generation of Student Housing Using Bright and Cheerful Colors


Student housing – no way! When thinking of student housing the first thing that comes to mind for most of us is; beat-up, impersonal, dull space that one uses out of necessity and never calls home. Braking up with this concept the Spanish design studio Plutarco renovated a Madrid building for a new generation of student housing using bright and cheerful colors, stylish personality and playful alternation of materials and shapes.

The project features seven different rooms – five bedrooms, three bathrooms and a communal kitchen and living room each decided with different aesthetic, color and material combination, allowing the premises to have their own unique ambiance but still be harmoniously connected with each other by the bold color stylistic, the modern and sleek feel of the arrangement and by the stylish search of individuality.

Alternation of materials from the trendy terrazzo floors (that compose the Earth’s room floor and climb the walls creating an artistic and unique bed headboard) to artistic ceramic combinations of tiles – the aristocratic feel of the mini tile (mosaic-like) cladding in the Blue/Green Room, from the organic and warm feel of the Wooden Room, to the trendy and bold composition in the Black Room – the designers used variety and playful choices to create artistic and unique ambiance for the lucky students to inhabit during their youth.

The communal spaces feature simple yet trendy furniture pieces (most from an IKEA collection) that create informal and at the same time entreating space for social activities. The bedrooms are essentially personalized by the usage of distinctive colors and intriguing materials combinations. The furnishing is modern, practical and includes some trendy pieces of lighting and furniture that become additional focal accents of the colorful composition. Even the bathrooms (with their trendy combination of colored metal structures, contrasting fugues, and full colors) have a playful and unique character. So, in the end, this project is not only cheerful, playful and welcoming student housing it is also a very stylish, modern and expressive design arrangement for any home.