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London Penthouse Renovation by Studio Ulanowski


Located in the heart of London in the famous Covent Garden region, this modern penthouse was redesigned by Studio Ulanowski in a creative and artistic way that fits the needs of the owners (a jewelry designer based in Hong Kong and his family).

Using light, juxtaposition of colors, accents based on organic materials and playful blue details the design team created elegant and modern urban ambiance with a fresh and artistic hint. The main living space offers a long and narrow open floor plan exposition of the main daily areas: kitchen, dining and living zones that are composed in elegant, light and modern manner.

Light wood floors and furniture elements are juxtaposed to the fresh blue accents of the design composition. In the kitchen corner beautiful custom made cabinetry follows the sloped roof angle and features a sophisticated juxtaposition of colors; rich blue and luminous white.

Arched doorways and smooth, rounded furniture elements supplement the sleek and clean feel of the wooden details and underline the trendy brass accents of the decor composition. Comfy modular sofa and the strong focal accents of the blue, custom-made cabinetry give a fresh and playful feel to space.

Beautiful perforated staircase (an artistic creation by Joseph Waller) continues the fresh blue thread that goes throughout the apartment and offers stylish ideological unity to the design composition. Even the contemporary art piece – the neon light installation under the staircase (designed as a collaboration between Jochen Holz and Malgorzata Bany) features the blue accent.

The master bathroom offers an amazing and beautiful juxtaposition between the purity of the sliding cedar wood panels and the rich ornamental presence of the handmade Moroccan tiles. Reminiscing а mermaids’ tails skin, the tiles offer yet another beautiful and artistic accent in blue and green hues. Entwinement of light, pure wood and strong blue accents bout adorned by rich brass elements is characteristic for the whole apartments design and creates really artistic and sophisticated decor composition.  Photos by Michelle Young Photography