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Beautiful Open Concept Apartment by Me2 Architects


Even in a small urban dwelling the clever design can achieve a feeling of spaciousness, light and unique modern expression. Using their signature design combinations the creative team from Me2 architects elegantly entwined the soft gray backdrop of the decor with trendy, thin black accents and frames, the warm touch of the wooden furniture and the modern purity of shapes.

The apartment’s design project in the Old Town of Vilnius, Lithuania is realized in collaboration with Customers, Bedroommood, Elensen and combines the charm of the high ceilings, the old city’s aura and the beautiful modern geometry of custom-made structures and furniture elements.

The main living premise combines in an open floor plan the unique geometry and alternation of materials and textures of the custom-made structures in the kitchen nuke, the spacious feel of the gray-clad living room area and the delicate presence of the light wood dining table and chairs set. The light color palette and the thin lines of the composition give a very sensitive and elegant feel to the decor. Alternating light wood with thin black metal frames and soft gray textures the designer introduced an intriguing dynamics that gives light and pure sensation for the interior decor. The deep green accent of the living room armchair and sofa cushions introduce fresh colorful accent with very subtle luxurious presence and elegant emanation.

The hint of modern luxury introduced by the velvet textural elements in the social areas continues in the bathroom premises where sinning elements are laid upon marble cladding. The design of the master bedroom, with its impressive walk-in closed, compensates the limited space with purity of colors and textures – soft gray all over with the warm accent of the trendy wooden cabinetry. The suspended swing- chair in the nursery is a very cute and inviting design touch. Photos by Leonas Garbačauskas