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Modern Convertible City Apartment


What home is? In addition to being a safe haven, it is a place that accommodates and extends all kinds of possibility and happiness. Besides meeting requirements of basic “living” function, the role it plays could be richer and varied. It could be game like, interesting changes could be generated from its shape, function or sense.

This project is one of the many among the urban concrete jungle. Yet, through mixing elements of boxes, flake-like structure, and colors, and combining the big round bucket penetrates from the upper floor, the designer created an interesting space within this stereotyped and dull concrete frame.

Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, the designer of Red and Blue Chair, said: “structure is to coordinate the constructions, to fully guarantee the independence and integrity among the constructions.”The same philosophy is adopted in the design of this space, showing the space through its forms, to convey an image of free. Space function could be changed freely just by moving the pieces of the boxes. The piece shaped movable walls extend the space unlimitedly and provide flexible use functions. It could turn from “open” to “private” in one minute.

In the open space, there are two big round buckets with different diameters, they cut through the floor and go down, becoming a large installation art in the area. The special paint finishing of the inner layer of the large round bucket shows the exquisite beauty of Oriental culture. It creates a kind of visual stimulation no matter you look top-down or bottom-up. And combining with lighting design, they work as light fittings. The big round bucket, small round bucket, and the concave timer form an inverted triangle, making the usage of elements three-dimensional and interesting. Boxes and round buckets in the space have different meanings: boxes with straight lines represent the rational thinking of western science, while the round buckets represent perfection in Oriental humanistic spirit.

The blending of eastern and western elements opens up a harmonious dialogue here. The arrangement of furnishing is not limited by space, object or direction; multiple ways of usage gives a new definition to a modern residence. Light is illumination as well as guide and signs. Through the guidance of light, you will see a space which is simple but full of Asian elegance. Wallpaper with classic oriental colors and textures, matched with copper wall lamps and blocks of light intensity, creates a bright, elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

The atmosphere of the whole space is just like a piece of music with high and low pitch notes, and a light song which is rich in rhythm. The collision of low-key rustic materials and exquisite craft shows a slight sense of luxury within the modest design. While the rough texture of cement presents a kind of perfection within imperfection – a kind of spiritual yearning. Design Company:Wei Yi International Design Associates; Designers: FANG XinYuan, HONG YuRu; Photographer: JMS