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Coorparoo House


Modern, dynamic play of voids and double height volumes, entwinement of smooth gray surfaces and thin timber stripes – this is the expressive architectural composition of Coorparoo House, a Brisbane located project by Alexandra Buchanan Architecture.

The house composition is defined by simple yet well thought lines and pure shapes. Negotiating the sloping site and capturing in seamless connection the surrounding terraces and gardens along with the beautiful city views the structural arrangement of the house secures the delicate balance between privet and open, serene and dynamic. Textural richens combining gray stone, steel structures, custom- made timber compositions and vital green accents give the unique character of this modern home.

The modern and elegant furnishing of the home is well placed amongst the custom-made structures and expressive design lamps. The gray stone fireplace in the open plan living room goes in harmony with the double- even – triple height of the central volume and its beautify supplemented by the wooden and leather elements of the design composition.

The kitchen and bathroom designs are very characteristic with their smooth surfaces, simple yet expressive juxtaposition of lines, geometrical shapes, and materials. The pure rectangular lines and smooth surfaces of the home secure easy flow and plastic distributor of space. The gray smoothens of the color palette is accentuated by the warm wooden elements that give a focal anchor to the arrangements.