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Normless Architecture Studio Designed Apartment for a Family of Six


Fantastic balance between contemporary industrial dynamics and organic warmth found in the modern decor arrangement of this Greek home.

This beautiful, contemporary home in the countryside of Panorama, Thessaloniki, Greece combines in its creative decor composition the sleek and almost industrial feel of the concrete like Kourasanit material, applied in various ways throughout the house and the rustic and pure feel of the wooden cladding and rich organic elements. The designers from Normless Architecture Studio used neutral and light color palette, simple and minimal furnishing and vast open space arrangement to create a home that exudes freedom, easiness and pure stylish ambiance and it is able to host with grace the six members’ family that owns the house.

The open floor plan of the main living area entwines in its composition the industrial and modernistic hints coming from the polished floors, sharp lines of the fireplace and the exposed metal structures on the ceiling and windows with warm organic elements and textiles. Pure white upholsteries, intriguing wooden structures, clear-lined shapes, the simplicity of furnishing and build in window benches – all sustained in light and neutral color scheme dominated by the soft, dove gray that graces the rest of the house design arrangement as well.

The suspended composition of the wooden staircase leading to the second floor privet areas gives a feeling of floating on air movement and easiness of modern design. Intriguing entwinement of wooden lattices and trendy metal mesh screens can be observed throughout the house decor giving it a beautiful contemporary feel without compromising with its warmth and welcoming feel. In the kitchen and dining zones the juxtaposition between the smooth, polished floors, Kourasanit countertops, and cabinets and the richness of the wooden clad ceiling and additional wooden decor details, finds a perfect balance between rustic and industrial. The soft gray of the color palette base used in the design arrangement can be found even in the intriguing art pieces, furniture upholsteries and custom-made structures throughout the home creating stylish continuity of the interior decor composition.  Photos: George Sfakianakis