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Modern Residence near Piazza Navona in Rome


Combining exquisite and luminous whiteness, delicate artistic defiles and specially designed furniture pieces in this modern residence near Piazza Navona in Rome the design team from Carola Vannini Architecture achieved elegant beauty and intriguing modern ambiance.

Fountains and patios, double height volumes and original brick construct meet stylish modern furnishing and lighting installations. Maintaining the delicate balance between the historical past of the prestigious residence and the new additions of the design the architects achieved an ambiance that exudes sophisticated luxury and delicate artistic touches. A combination of materials from luxurious marble to rustic old brick structures, trendy glass partitions, and subtle metal elements combine into a well-balanced materials palette that underlines the specific charm of the building. The elegant furniture pieces are designed by the architects and are custom-made for the project, sofa by EDRA and VIBIA lighting put the finishing touches.

The double height of the main living premises entwines the beautiful accent of the mural carrying the hint of historical romance whit trendy LED lighting that underlines the shape of the contemporary design staircase- new light for an old fresco. The exquisite whiteness of composition is highlighted by delicate black metal details – like the impressive lighting scheme and lamps. Vast windows and door openings make the connection between the inner premises and the courtyards- beautiful plans, fountains and romantically inspired garden additions bring the feel of leisure time luxury into the decor composition. Photography by Stefano Pedretti