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Makers Shop by OMY Design Studio


Makers Shop in Israel is a brand new concept store designed by OMY design studio.

The brief was not a regular stationary store; the client had something else in mind – a store that will sell design workshops. This was our starting point for the design; we wanted to create a place that will inspire the students that joined the workshop. Every surface was a clean slate to make something new.

The sales area and the workshop space are divided by a sliding glass door that gives the option to switch quickly between a functional store and a quiet workshop space.

In a search for a crafted element, we developed a ceiling that looks like detailed handwork embroidery, it gives us the esthetic and acoustic solution as one, the emphasis the artsy vibe of the store. We used materials from the building and construction world that gives a quiet and textured background.

The triangular shape of the facade hints a relaxed and cozy feeling, like a house roof, made from oak wood. This makes the store stand out from other store facades in the mall.