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Modern Extension on Old House


Creating the new modern extension to a typical suburban house in England the architects from Soup Architects choose to create a light and dark contrast between the old 1920’s building and the new addition, while maintaining continuity in the materials palette – old red bricks and triangular shapes are artistically juxtaposed to the new, light gray brick construct with more cubical shape inspiration.

Large glass openings not only give light and elegant feel to the new extension but also provide a strong connection between the interior of the house and the beautiful gardens surrounding the property. Wild grass covering the flat roofs of the studio enhances the fluid transition between garden and new indoor places and softens the cubical presence of the architectural construct amongst the large oak and pine trees of the tranquil garden.

The interior of the extension features exposed brick walls (some covered with whitewash paint reflecting the abundant natural light and straightening the luminous feel of the decor arrangement) that create continuity between the exterior and the interior composition of the home. They also give a rich textural feel and organic spice to the modern and stylish interior decoration.

The design arrangement is light, welcoming and in a way soft- featuring organic materials, an abundance of soft textures and upholsteries, comfy and inviting furniture pieces, all stylishly arranged together to create picturesque viewing angles. For example; the reading nook located inform the vast panoramic window offers a stylish juxtaposition of colors – muted charcoal gray (carrying the soft and heavy accent of the color spectrum) and sunny, warm mustard yellow, entwine into one very modern and welcoming design composition.

The kitchen and dining zone of the new extension are decided in minimalist and light fashion – pure lines, bright, luminous colors and subtle modernistic hint give the place spacious and elegant feel. Intriguingly shaped skylight openings and pieces of modern art add a dynamic side into the tranquil and welcoming design composition.  Photographer: Andy Matthews