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Modernistic Cube-Shaped House


Modernistic with untypical cubic shapes, honest and strongly accentuated materials palette and organization of the home premises into pavilions – this is the truly memorable and intriguing contemporary project by architectural  A4studio. The first of the modernly composed pavilions is for the communal social gatherings hosting the kitchen, dining and living premises as well as the wine cellar and service units. The other two pavilions are for the private quarters for the different generations of the family. The three pavilions are connected by a central space that integrates, access hall gallery and the inner-courtyard garden paved with beautiful gray stone.

The intriguing architectural shapes of the home are matched by expressive materials choices: whitewash brick walls introducing warm luminosity, rich wooden cladding and furniture, unusual gray stone surfaces and walls, trendy black frames and accents – all creating unusual, yet very stylish home. Throughout the house simplicity in decoration, characteristic angles and shapes, and unostentatious comfort are cherished by the designers.

The open-plan kitchen has a very futuristic and modern decor composition with the suspended stainless steel cylinders for the ventilation and the simplicity of the white kitchen island and trendy metal bar-stools. The space is defined by the rich texture of the brick wall painted in white to match the luminosity and pure feel of the decor composition. Gorgeous, sloped half walls and custom made joinery act as separation borders in the open and spacious flow of premises. The accent of the lonely trees in the courtyards enhances the futuristic feel of the composition.  Photography by Arq Luis Abba