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GIR Design Showroom by Autori Architects


It may be a showroom display, but it is absolute visual delight nonetheless. This project by the Serbian design studio Autori is showcasing in a fairytale-like manner the beautiful solid timber furniture by one of the largest exporters of timber furniture in the region of former Yugoslavia – the GIR factory.

Creating a multileveled experience with strong home-like feel the designers accentuated the organic feel of the furniture pieces by using neutral and light color palette, expressive metal structures and accents and incorporating the vitality of their signature plant- installation; an abundance of life and fresh vegetation to complete the circle – wood in all its forms. Airy white curtains separate the double height space into cozy and intriguing zones and corridors, creating a floating on air sensation and light mood. In the center of the showroom is an awesome spiral staircase sculpted out of white steel enhancing the feel of fairytale-like exposition – just waiting for a princess with a ball-gown to come down the stairs.

Honest materials palette matches the organic and pure feel of the light timber furniture- bright and trendy terrazzo floors with a discreet stone granulation cover the salon, exposed concrete walls host the intriguing shapes of the custom-made shelving, light pastel tonalities, and textiles add to the elegant and warm feel of the premises.

Works by different local artists spread throughout the showrooms accentuate the purpose of the exposition – to create a much-needed meeting space for creative minds and artistic forces in one welcoming, elegant and stylishly composed ambiance. This modern and stylish place offers multiple focal points, an abundance of intriguing new design furniture pieces (including the playful hint of an indoor swing) and lighting solutions, all spiced up by casually spread vital green plants in unique pots’ design – enjoy the tour!  photography by Relja Ivanić