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Wood-Frame Ceiling Uplift Spacious Apartment


Young and dynamic with subtle luxurious yet playful hint (like its authors – the Belgrade based Autori Architects) this urban apartment project features multiple trendy and artistic trades. Intriguing focal accents based on expressive colors in trendy black and dark charcoal, open floor plan exposition of the main living premises and freestanding kitchen island, unusual line for the sloped roof that gives a dynamic overall expression of the clear architectural lines, and the signature, for the designers, fresh accents of green plants that introduce organic vitality into the trendy modern design arrangement – this is the project concept in a nutshell.

The sloped roof offers an excellent opportunity for skylight openings (which the design team took with enthusiasm), and beautiful luminous lighting of strategic dally-routine places is present. Three-dimensional wooden structures adorn the ceiling above the vast glass doors leading towards the terrace. The artistic installation enhances the dynamic and unusual character of the architectural shell and offers warm organic accent in wonderful juxtaposition to the dark walls and smooth black surfaces. The alternation of custom-made wooden joinery, cladding and structures with the dark walls and shining black frames and trendy accents creates a youthful and clean feel for the internal dynamics.

Trendy furniture pieces, artistic details, and expressive lighting solutions compose the decor. Large modular sofa in white offers a contrasting relaxation zone in front of the dark charcoal entertainment wall. Modern design replicas of the leisure chair form multiple relaxation crones in the open plan exposition of the apartment. The free-standing kitchen island with its reflecting mirrored column creates an informal center of the social circulation. Shining black frames lead to the other premises of this luxurious home; the office space – decided with a dark backdrop, which gives it cozy and quiet feel, features also a dynamic design furnishing and delicate line introduced by the custom-made wooden shelving.

The marble clad and shining bathrooms offer strong luxurious feel to the apartment’s design composition. And the closed terrace with its transparent glass rooftop, which allows you to look at the sky even if it’s raining, offers a quiet and elegant retreat space. The overall feel of the apartment is of elegant luxury with unexpected, dynamic and artistic insertions. photography by Relja Ivanić