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Apartment Renovation Adds a Extra Loft Space and New Bedroom


Renovating this unusual apartment in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, Spain the architects from SAU Taller d’Arquitectura tore down the old concrete roof and added a new construct gaining an extra loft space where bedroom, dressing room, and small workspace are located. Adding height, spaciousness, and light into the original layout of the home the double height of the construct is clad in light timber enhancing the luminous distribution of light and air through the skylight openings and large glass constructs.

The pure and organic feel that comes from the extensive wooden cladding and structures of this project creates light and inviting ambiance sustained in the best traditions of contemporary design and light Scandinavian aesthetics. Entwining glass and light timber in the interior composition and furnishing of the space the designers achieved certain airiness of the ambiance. Just take a look at the modern and quite unusual composition of the dining area – transparent glass table and suspended wooden bench give a feel of flowing sitting composition, offering light and un-grounded dining experience.

The organic material’s palette in combination with light neutral colors (only with the occasional black accent and focal point) and soft textures give a modern elegance and lightness to the home interior composition. The clean feel of the extensive wooden cladding and unique structures in combination with the light colors and simple furnishing have a strong Scandinavian style inspiration. The modern design lamps in the main living space accentuate the height and unusual shape of the premise and offer contemporary dynamic style insertion into the purity of the wood and glass constructs.