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Brass House Facade Gets 3D Effect


Another exciting, contemporary example of creative applications for the trendy material brass – a townhouse in Amsterdam designed by MOPET Architects. The architecture of this modern Dutch family home features proudly the unique geometric structure of the facade entwining asymmetrical angled surfaces from shining brass, sliding glass doors and the traditional brown brick construct of the nearing homes – all combined in an expressive and unusual composition.

The interior of the house is open and full of light. Levels and smooth lines define the different functions of the open plan living area. Seamless transfusion between pure white surfaces and light oak joinery creates a clean and luminous environment. The main living space connects the kitchen, dining and soft sitting areas in an open plan layout where leveling in the custom-made structures defines the premises. Cozy-looking sink in benches around a modern built-in fireplace create a comfortable nook. Simple lines and hidden closets keep the place tidy and functional.

The contemporary minimalism of the interior composition corresponds with the modern character of the house facade and the noble materials palette (that includes oak, concrete, black steel and white stucco) continues the brass hint of originality from the facade in subtle and elegant manner. The architects also implemented sustainable options such as solar panels and LED lighting, aluminum sliding doors with triple insulating glass and natural flax insulation for the composition of the house aiming to create comfortable and modern home environment.  Photography by Stijn Poelstra