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One-bedroom Apartment on the Black Sea Coast


Sleek contemporary ambiance with pure colors, simple shapes, and minimalist overall inspiration composes this small apartment located near the Black Sea coast. The Ukrainian studio M3 Architects designed the interior that is defined by clear lines, rectangular silhouettes and elegant minimalism of expression.

The modern and urban character of the decor composition is underlined by the exposed concrete structures, the expressive black frames of the color composition and the multiple black metal details in furniture, architectural structures and decorative details that add certain robust yet elegant feel to the decor.

The apartment is small – less than 52 m² but the prevailing whiteness of the color composition, vast winnow openings, that offer a distant view of the sea horizons, and the overall purity of the decor composition make space appear bigger and lighter. Most of the furniture pieces and functional structures are designed by the team in charge of the project specifically to fit the narrow rooms and offer pure and tidy ambiance.

Koss Turbin and Illia Temnov, authors of the project, divided the apartment into two main areas the open, social one and the night, closed one. Separating both areas by the lately very trendy construct of black frame and glass partition the designers introduce playful urban dynamics between the two functional zones of the apartment. The exposed concrete construct enhances the same feel of elegant urban industrialism, framing creatively the soft sitting zone in the open floor plan composition. The floor cladding unifies the spaces and adds a warm note to the interior composition together with other light beige elements like the soft modular sofa.  Photographer: 8 beam