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Open Concept Design For Family Apartment in Singapore


Located in fastest growing metropolis Singapore – this property was destined to be an urban flat unit, but the designers from Nitton Architects were driven to create a mini house with open-plan layout and free space flow.

Removing all non-essential internal walls and adding light custom made separations – like the sliding wooden panels leading to the kitchen corner or the vast glass partitions equipped with curtains (for privacy) that designate the children‘s and master bedrooms, the architects created an airy open-plan layout that hosts the daily activities in luminous ambiance, which carries the hints of Asian simplicity in its decor configuration.

Intriguing space preserving solutions and simplistic design lines define the interior  of this modern home. The designers aimed for a breathable space that can transform, flexible according to different functions. Even the fresh, vital plants that adorn the premises are placed in movable, self-watering pots that can be arranged throughout the space. In the children’s room elevated honey-wood platform conceals the second bed – a very clever and elegant solution to hide a bed a space-saving knack very usable nowadays.

The smooth spatial arrangement of the design entwines pure and light materials and colors arranged in elegant layering that forms the visual depth of the premises when partitions and curtains a folded back and hidden beds and structures are put away. The flexible interior compositions rely on a free flow of natural light, smooth color palette, and rich textural experience to create luminous, cozy and modern environment.