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Illuminating Light Installation Inspire at Apartment Designed by Hito Studio


Slight industrial hint, exposed concrete ceilings with neon light installations, strong black accents and trendy design furniture elements combined with modern minimalism and laconic design language – this is a modern apartment project carried out by Hito studio.

Throughout the studio, the main feature of the design composition become the rich textural and color presence of the exposes concrete ceilings and walls, their gray purity is enhanced by minimal color palette based on white, black and of course different tonalities of gray. The open floor plan hosts the central living premises with its large, comfy sofas and modern tables assembly, the warm accent of the dining zone with its rich wooden table and the minimalist and clear-lined arrangement of the functional kitchen area. Intriguing pieces of contemporary art add their spice to the laconic decor composition.

In the bedroom and bathroom premises, the pure and laconic stylistics of exposed concrete structures, strong black accents and textural variety of the cray base continue. In the bathroom, marble structures add a sophisticated hint, and the light dominates the whiteness – enhancing the luminosity in this area. Floor covers and carpets in strategic places throughout the apartment introduce warm patches into the open flow of the design arrangement. The simplicity of materials, colors and structures, the modern, open and spacious arrangement, and the well-balanced decor compositions with its characteristic accents, create a beautiful example of contemporary Lithuanian interior design. Photography by Leonas Garbačauskas