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Concrete Coastal Summerhouse by Rick Joy Architects


Caring the romantic spirit and ease of the ocean breeze this inspired summer house situated on an island, a part of Turks and Caicos archipelago, is entwining the aroma of the sea into the house’s natural materials spine and pure color combinations.

Infinite blue weaves with crisp white and the presence of the trees and plants is translated as a subtle note of wood transformation, and all is laid on a base of pure and modern concrete lines. The project of Rick Joy Architects is following the minimalist lines of the modernistic movement, introducing robust materials like concrete, wood, and stone combined with minimalist ease and summer sea inspiration touches.

Located on the beach and rocks edge of the sea this family home has a romantic kitchen – pavilion accompanying the main house construct. An inspired combination that additionally opens the daily activities to their natural surroundings. Charming terraces sustained in minimalist aesthetics, classic wooden deck connections between different areas, hidden passages and discrete inner courtyards enhance the strong correlation between the modern home and the natural beauty of the surrounding nature.

The interior decor color palate is kept neutral, light and using materials as accents – the wooden cladding with its rich honey warmth, the natural linen curtains playing with the ocean breeze. The domination of the exposed concrete textures and clear-lines additionally opens the connection between the shelter and its surrounding.

From the inviting and stylish reading niche in the smooth concrete surface to the verdant native vegetation that surrounds the home, everything creates tactile links between the building and its site. The warmth of the rich mahogany doors, windows and ceilings capture the warmth of the sun; the purity and minimalism of the concrete constructs allow the power of the water bodies to balance the landscape.