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Mexican Casa TEC 205 by Moneo Brock Studio


Do you remember when you are little how sometimes the colors of your toys were vibrant and the shapes so intriguing? The Mexican, Casa TEC 205 project possesses the playful childhood spirit of innovation and wonder.

Entwining color explosions with original shapes, contemporary furniture and decorative solutions and rich surfaces (alternating ceramic tiles with colorful graphic patterns and elegant wooden flooring) the designers from Moneo Brock Studio composed truly unique and memorable home. The fresh interior composition of the house combines the warmth of the traditional Mexican clay fetishes in vital colors, the richens of the Italian terracotta cladding and some contemporary examples of renown international designs – the playful and welcoming yellow-green sofa with its modular cushions by Vitra, chairs by the Bouroullec brothers or the iconic sofa design by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal – all arranged in dynamic and inviting compositions.

While constructing this unique house the designers preserved the four large trees on the site and arranged the inner courtyards around them, securing direct connection between major interior spaces and their corresponding outdoor areas – establishing in this way vital connection between the natural surrounding (including the beautiful views towards Monterrey Mountains) and the dynamic interior ambiance.

Using original color sequences inspired by the Mexican native tradition of colorful homes (applied by masters like Luis Barragan and Ricardo Legorreta) the architects introduced a unique sense of belonging into the home composition, interpreted in contemporary and dynamic fashion. Each premise of the house – from the large and rich living room premises to the theme- inspired bedrooms and luxurious marble-clad bathrooms – offer unique, dynamic and entertaining experience to its inhabitants and guests.