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Ritz&Ghougassian Adds Textured Brick Extension to House in Melbourne


Masonry walls envelop a contemporary heart that entwines concrete and wood, simplicity and comfort. The architectural extension of a traditional Melbourne house carried out by Ritz&Ghougassian studio is decided as a contemporary castle that uses a minimal material palette to achieve honest and characteristic expression.

The most striking feature of the new house construction is the exposed blockwork walls in varying shades of pure gray shine and their entwinement with the rich wooden furniture and structures – creating warm and expressive ambiance. The contemporary minimalist of the decor arrangement and the honest materials palate of this project have a striking impact reminiscing robust, medieval castle ambiance (just gray stone, wood and tapestry for warmth) with an imaginative modern read.

Polished concrete floors and rich tactile elements (like the romantic large curtains in gaze-white, or the invitingly looking soft furniture elements entirely clad in textile) supplement the composition giving a well-balanced juxtaposition between the solid, hard surface arrangements featuring different ceramic, stone and brick structures and the rich textural elements introducing softness to the interior.

The architectural arrangement of the house extension features a narrow corridor that opens into light-filled living room space, and here sliding doors connect the inside premises with the modern Zen arrangement of the inner courtyard. Gravel and native plants (including Australian tree ferns) create a tranquil and simplistic intermediary between the living room and the master bedroom located across the yard.

Throughout the house the masonry wall structures and polished concrete floors entwine with custom-made structures in rich dark wood – the kitchen, corridor, bedroom and even the en-suite bathroom, feature timber joinery elements. Sophisticated and modern, with original spirit and a hint of… something else – a project that offers minimalist composed pleasure for the senses.  Photography is by Tom Blachford.