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BLOCO Arquitetos Restore the Original Concept of the Iconic Concrete House


Modernistic concrete house with a summary and relaxed atmosphere in Brazil. This characteristic for the early modernism house was built in 1974 as a project by the well-known Brazilian architect Milton Ramos. Unfortunately during the 40 years that multiple fallow alternations to the existing construct were a maid (including covering the reflecting pool with soil and hiding the expressive concrete structures behind plaster, mortar and white paint).

Searching to restore the original concept of the iconic house the architects from BLOCO Arquitetos stripped the concrete structures, restored the water site of the project and removed the fence that was blocking the main entrance of the house. Adapting the characteristic exposed concrete structure to the new owners needs the designers let its original features shine.

The house construct offers contemporary fluid motion between premises, an open connection to its surrounding and tranquil, inviting emanation. The serine connection between the waterbody and the robust concrete structure, the modernistic and clear-lined silhouettes of the original architectural construct and the entwinement of organic materials (in this count the beautiful dialog between the purity of the concrete structures and the warmth of the gorgeous wooden flooring) create very characteristic atmosphere.

The interior design compositions of the premises correspond with their pure and clear-lined aesthetics. Characteristic furniture pieces an eclectic mixture of custom-made structures, classic furniture elements, and contemporary design inspired form 70s (fluid shapes and entwinement of wooden frames and textile elements) compose elegant and inviting ambiance. Stylish and modern, with unexpected solutions (like the wooden cladding of the simplistically designed bathroom premises) the house interior composition offers multiple leisure-time components and the tranquil emanation of the minimalist and stylish design approach.